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Written by William Linzey Ham, Junior   
Tuesday, 19 January 2010 00:48

 The following is my family line researched and documented by Sandra Bullock and Dave Hamm:


Thomas T. Hamm I, born about 1678 in Virginia; died abt. 1744 in Caroline County,Va., Married Sara,Sons were Thomas T. II,John


Thomas T. Hamm II,born abt. 1702 in Caroline Co., Va,died abt. 1760 in Caroline County,Va., married Mary, Probable Sons were Phillip,Joseph,Unknown Hamm,Thomas T. III


Unknown Hamm born abt 1732, Martha "Patty" Hamm born abt 1733,died after 1815(Patty second marriage to Thomas Raper), Son Mordecai Hamm


Mordecai Hamm,born abt. 1758, died December 1815 in Stokes County,NC,Married Rebecca Pratt born abt. 1760, died after 1841,Sons Thomas,Stephen,James,Peter


Peter Hamm,born 1800 in Stokes County,NC, died abt. 1840-1850 in Guilford County,NC,Married Elizabeth Preddy, born abt.1803, died 1860-1870,Sons James W.,Stephen


James W. Hamm, born 1825 in North Carolina, died before 1877, Married Rebecca Mincey born 1826 in Pearson County,NC, died January 09, 1904 in Jamestown,NC(Guilford County),Sons John Henry,William Washington


William Washington Hamm, born 1852 in Guilford County,NC, died 1896-1900 in Jamestown,NC(Guilford County),Married Martha Jane Davis born 1849-1851, died 1885-1888 in Jamestown,NC(Guilford County) Sons Jason Henry, James Arville


James Arville Ham, born Aug 15, 1881, Guilford County,NC, died January 28, 1928, Married Mettie McCoy Goble born August 18, 1889 in Guilford County,NC, died February 07, 1979 in Guilford County,NC, Sons James Arville, Jr., William Linzey,Jason Boyd


William Linzey Ham, Sr. born December 14, 1914 in Landis,NC(Rowan County,NC), died July 28, 1995 in Guilford County,NC, Married Estella Cagle Brown, born August 28, 1920, in Chatham County,NC, Sons William Linzey Ham,Jr.


William Linzey Ham,Jr, born November 20, 1947 in Guilford County,NC, Married Karen LeDean Cox born February 02, 1957 in Fayetteville,NC


It is my belief that my Grandfather , James Arville Ham, Sr. dropped the second m from the Hamm name having been orphaned.  I am not sure.  I do have a copy of Rebecca Pratt Hamm's hand written application for Mordecai's Revolutionary War Veteran's Pension  where she signed the letter Hamm.


Some of my male ancestors had more than one wife and other male Hamm children.  In future articles I will post documented information regarding some of the descendants.


Yours truly,


William Linzey Ham,Jr.












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